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PAMAYA is a leader in developing communications and telephony solutions.

The company offers various solutions such as CTI solutions, IVR systems, Interactive dialer systems, etc.


The solutions can be implemented at the customer’s site or offered as hosted services using VOIP capabilities in order to integrate telephony systems with web sites.

The variety of solutions PAMAYA offers, together with business understanding, allow our customers to optimize their customer services and enhance their marketing and sales capabilities while lowering costs and leading the company to strategic business change.


PAMAYA brings to the table comprehensive knowledge and vast experience in telephony, communications and software development. We have experience interfacing with leading PBX vendors (such as Asterisk®, Nortel®, Avaya®, CORAL®, etc.), both traditional switches (TDM) and IP switches.


We invite you to learn how PAMAYA can help you enjoy today the communications and telephony solutions of tomorrow.